Wednesday, October 20, 2010


ManicTime is a program for the maniacs of time. Those who want to control the detail in what they invest every second day. It is no exaggeration because the program records our activity in the second to second computer if necessary.Its function is to provide statistical information so they can answer some questions. How long does use the browser to date? What application use more? What percentage? What were we doing at that hour that day?, Etc.ManicTime sorts all data and presented in statistical tables, so we will have the opportunity to manage our time better.

The key features of Manic Time are:
· Automatic tracking
· Tag time
· Document tracking
· Delete data
· Off the record
· Top charts
· Day duration chart
· Backup

Screen Shot

Publisher: Manictime

File Size:
5.4 MB 
License: Freeware

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