Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AB Invoice

Performing work or delivering the product isn't enough.You have to make an invoice to get paid too. Mainly the work tedious and hard that you need to do in your spare time. This billing software will do the job much easier. It costs nothing! This is a free invoice software that allows you write as many invoices as per your requirement without spending any money on it.Use it to print as many free invoices as you like. And buy a license to expand it with new functions when you want it. Not for something you don't want but only the function you are missing. Install the program on all computers that you want, use it as long as you want. No restrictions on any kind!This is an ideal solution for small businesses administration. No cost in the beginning and a way to grow for a very modest price.Download it and try it for free. Uninstall it with Windows standard routines if it doesn't suit you or continue to use it.

Screen Shot
Publisher: AB&BA

File Size: 6.90 MB
License: Freeware

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