Thursday, July 19, 2012

Create Bootable USB Flash Drives For Windows By Just Drag And Drop

Create Bootable USB Flash Drives in windows very easily with WiNToBootic Application. It offers the user to make a bootable NTFS USB Drive for all the installation in Windows and moreover this application which eventually figures out the speed along with a convenient way. Certainly this application therefore allows the user to get a write of ISO images through drag n drop process. Well in the ahead process unlike the rest of bootable USB creators this WiNToBootic application offers the individual with a Quick Option to format consuming the less time of the user to format the USB.

Visit the link to get the file from the web:

Create Bootable USB Flash Drives

Furthermore this application is developed with wide range of features to perform by the user unlike the other Bootable USB making programs with fault and error features which are listed like NTFS support along with that Windows 7 Boot loader and ISO which are in series like Windows7/8/2008/Vista and many more defects are present. Hence this application which presents the user with a simple and ease format of usage. The operations which takes place when  the user plugin the USB and thus this application default finds it and then make the user  available for use. Probably when individual wish to create a bootable USB Flash drive for Windows Environment then simultaneously user need to plug-in a USB which is recognized automatically by the application so as to enable quick format mode if the individual wish to format the drive within no time. After the user is done with the features then user need to drag the ISO feature which is available at the right side over the main interface and then Hit the button “Do It”.

Perhaps this application which offers the user with relevant information’s regarding each kind of task of operations it carries at the final stage of process which is displayed at the back end. Thus the individual gets the update of formatted drive instantly along with boot loader being flashed and even ISO is extracted. When the user is done with process then user can get the Drive removed for further use so as to boot the any system when it needed at the Windows Installation settings.

Furthermore this application is developed to support for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, along with Vista, 7 and Windows 8. 


WiNToBootic is an ease and simple application which makes the bootable NTFS USB/Flash Disk with less consumption of time and along with that the user can be super user friendly with this application. So finally you can Create Bootable USB Flash Drives by just drag and drop ISO images

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